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Psychedelic mushrooms caused a man to go berserk and use a lighting fixture as sporting equipment, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies were contacted about a young man running up and down the stairs of his apartment complex and in and out of his apartment, "whooping" loudly and yelling strange things (including the words "Billy Billy," according to a neighbor).

One witness said the subject had broken a lighting unit at the complex. The witness said the man was "banging into" an attachment from the unit as if it were a basketball or soccer ball. The broken attachment was found about 25 yards away, possibly kicked or thrown there.

A deputy located the man and eventually talked him down from a three-story-high ledge. But the man refused to talk to the deputy once down and he tried to leave, so the deputy tackled the man and handcuffed him. The man was forced to sit down, and he mumbled incoherently when questioned. Deputies then had a hard time getting his thrashing body into a patrol vehicle.

Deputies eventually learned the man's identity from his girlfriend, who had just arrived at the scene. She said he didn't normally take drugs, but today he had mentioned "try(ing) mushrooms for the first time."

While deputies were talking to the girlfriend, the man whooped loudly from inside the patrol vehicle.

He was taken to jail on suspicion of disorderly conduct. At the jail, he tried to head-butt a nurse who attempted to take his vital signs. The man was put in a restraint chair and taken to an isolated cell.


UA AREASept. 15, 1:11 p.m..

A man who said he had just been released from jail was taken into custody again after making himself at home on University of Arizona property, a UA Police Department report said.

Campus police got a call about a man who had allegedly been sleeping on a bench on the north side of the Life Sciences building, 1333 N. Martin Ave., "for a couple of days."

Police went to the building, where they found the man sleeping as described. When they woke him, the man said he'd been "trying to get out of the heat and had fallen asleep," according to the report. He told officers he'd just been released from jail after eight months and was trying to get into a halfway house.

But the officers found there was still a warrant out for the man's arrest on a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia. He was taken into custody, and also advised against sleeping on campus property.

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