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A different kind of cooking; Trouble with nailguns



JULY 12, 9:01 PM.

A man gave a terrible explanation for seemingly possessing drug paraphernalia—yet escaped scot-free, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

A sheriff's deputy was dispatched to a suspicious-person call at a Bashas' parking lot, where he found a male talking to another "shady" young guy in a beat-up sedan.

The car drove off and the deputy approached the remaining male, who identified himself but appeared very nervous and "a bit over-boisterous." He said he'd just been talking to some friends.

On the ground near the subject lay a syringe containing brown fluid, which the male flatly denied throwing there.

Upon searching the subject, the deputy found an orange plastic cap he knew belonged on a syringe; he also found a metal spoon definitely burned on the bottom.

Asked about the spoon, which appeared to be a drug-cooking tool, the man said he was a "chef" and was going to use it to make dinner for his girlfriend.

Then, asked about the syringe cap, he simply said he "did not realize he had it, and ... it must have been left over from some time long ago."

Despite these vague, nonsensical explanations and the nearness of the fluid-filled syringe (later proven to contain heroin), the deputy couldn't quite find sufficient probable cause for arresting the young man—so he was released.



JULY 9, 3:19 PM.

Someone's boss either got away with badly abusing his employee or was falsely accused of that abuse—but in either case, the employee took his physical punishment surprisingly well, a PCSD report said.

Deputies were called about someone's employer putting a nail gun to a man's head and pulling the trigger. They went to the emergency room of the UA Medical Center's South Campus, 2800 E. Ajo Way, where they saw the reportee with a swollen upper right cheek, a puncture wound in his neck, a bruise on his cheek and numerous unexplained pains.

The reportee told deputies that all week his boss had been angry at him; that day, the boss had apparently gotten so angry that he pushed the reportee to the ground, punched him and held a nail gun against his head and neck. The boss allegedly told him and two by-standing coworkers they'd "better not say anything" about the incident.

Indeed, the coworkers both adamantly denied the accusations against their boss. The boss himself said the reportee had started the fight and then had run away, threatening to sue the boss. Lacking sufficient evidence, deputies couldn't come up with an official crime. But the reportee suddenly seemed fine with that, saying he "did not really want anything to happen and was glad it was all over."

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