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JUNE 12, 4 A.M.

Six teenagers told deputies they had been playing innocuous children's games late one night when they had actually been intent on disturbing someone's peace, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

A man called 911 when his family was repeatedly roused during the predawn hours by a sedan full of people pulling up to their house. Each time the car approached, someone got out, rang the doorbell repeatedly and then ran back to the car, whose occupants screamed "Fucking faggots" as they drove away. The man said he had no idea who they were.

Deputies located and pulled over the car, which held five teen males and one female, all of whom denied harassing the man and his family. They were interviewed in two groups, with the teens in one group telling deputies they had been playing hide-and-seek and those in the other group claimed to have been playing tag.

It apparently didn't occur to any of them that playing children's games at 4 a.m. (on a school night) might be an odd choice of alibi.

It was eventually revealed that the group had indeed been pranking the man's house. But it turned out that they had gone to the wrong address. The schoolmate they had hoped to disturb was out of town.

The teens were cited for curfew violation and released to their parents.



JUNE 27, 9:24 P.M.

A drunk driver tried to dodge culpability for peeing in public by blaming it on his sister, a PCSD report said.

A man driving in the foothills called 911 to report a white pickup truck swerving and nearly hitting other vehicles. He followed the truck until the driver parked it in front of a house and went inside.

Deputies went to the house, and a woman in pajamas who answered the door pointed them to her brother, who was sitting in the kitchen and wearing a "house arrest type" bracelet, according to the report. The brother, who appeared to be extremely intoxicated, denied any wrongdoing but a deputy told the brother he was lucky he had not been caught behind the wheel because he would have been arrested for DUI.

The deputy also told the brother that he suspected him of peeing in the street because deputies found a "big puddle" of what appeared to be urine next to his pickup truck.

The brother then pointed to his sister and said, "She did it."

But after his sister became upset at his accusation, the brother changed his story and said, "Just kidding; OK, I did it."

He was cited for indecent exposure.

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