Police Dispatch



APRIL 30, 11:20 P.M.

A man claiming to be Lil' Wayne was found dancing in the middle of Sixth Street, a University of Arizona police report stated.

A UA officer patrolling near Arizona Stadium saw a barefoot male wearing only shorts and dancing in the center of Sixth near North Vine Avenue.

The officer parked his vehicle and turned on his headlights, causing the subject to look at him but not to cease dancing. The subject then began walking, with the officer following in his patrol vehicle. When the subject reached a sidewalk he started dancing again. Then, still dancing, he headed toward a nearby Circle K parking lot, where the officer cut him off with his vehicle.

According to the report, the subject then turned toward the officer with his fists clenched in a fighting pose, and said, "You better not touch me or I'll go crazy."

The officer told the subject to calm down and was able to place handcuffs on him. When the officer asked the subject for his name, he repeatedly said it was "Lil' Wayne."

After he was taken to the Pima County Jail, the subject eventually gave authorities his real name. He gave his birthdate as "'93," but then said, "No, that was the year I died."

The subject was booked on a charge of "walking in the street where a sidewalk was provided." After verifying that he was UA student, officials notified the Dean of Students Office.



APRIL 4, 3:35 P.M.

A foreigner expressed surprise that the methamphetamine he possessed was against the law in Arizona, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

Deputies responded to Gary's Towing, 5131 E. Drexel Road, where a customer was said to be behaving badly. The subject—who had allegedly become belligerent when told he couldn't use a money order to retrieve his towed vehicle—was identified through an Egyptian passport he carried.

When the subject offered to let deputies search his vehicle, they did so. They found marijuana, for which the subject claimed he had a medical card issued in California and the subject seemed to be knowledgeable about the legality of various drugs in the United States. But when deputies searched his person, they also found a baggie containing what appeared to be crystal methamphetamine.

The subject then said, "So the speed is illegal in Arizona, too?"

He was arrested.

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