Police Dispatch

Men at Play

UA Area

March 24, 2:53 p.m.

Three intoxicated male UA students were jailed after ostentatiously "goofing around" with construction materials on campus, according to a UA Police Department report.

A UAPD officer at the east side of Arizona Stadium, 1 National Championship Dr., saw three young men yelling and throwing around construction barriers at a site near Warren and Martin avenues. He soon saw them with hard hats and fluorescent yellow construction-worker safety vests. (One male actually donned the gear.)

When the officer commanded them to stop, one male did so and dropped everything, while the other two (including the one wearing the conspicuously bright-colored construction accessories) tried to escape.

The reporting officer identified the non-fleeing subject as a 19-year-old from California and noticed his bloodshot eyes, odor of liquor and other signs of inebriation. The subject said he and his two friends had come from a party to look for other friends near the stadium, where they compulsively picked up the hats and vests near some construction signs.

"Sorry, so dumb to do that," he said." . . . just being dumb."

After being handcuffed, his friends called his cell phone, which the officer held to his ear while he told his friends to stop running.

The other subjects were directed to another patrol officer, to whom they yelled, "You're looking for us! We ran from the cops!" (as if that officer couldn't see their hats and vests).

They were arrested for underage drinking, trespassing and theft.

Facebook Faceplant

UA Area

March 25, 5:47 p.m.

Two UA employees were fired after a single outrageous university Facebook post, a UAPD report stated. The police department learned that a UA custodian made the following post, almost exactly as it appears here, on the UA Facebook page:

"some motherfucker at work better fucking watch himself if I find out you are even looking at my sister the wrong (way) basterd I will go to prison handling your ass ... You think I give a fuck . . . well let me tell you fucking long hair faggot... you fucking say anything to my sister again and i will run you through bastard you've been warned faggot and don't forget faggot you sold me weed on campus grounds fuck face!!!!! I don't give a fuck if you fuck with my family and you will deal with me you fucking faggot."

The person to whom this post was directed—also a custodial employee, as was the poster's sister—described to the UAPD a situation in which he'd helped the sister find her UA key set one night at work.

But after the post, not only was the poster terminated from his position—so was his sister, since she'd "liked" the rant.

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