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FEB. 25, 12:15 A.M.

A drunken college student foiled a Breathalyzer test by singing a children's song, according to a University of Arizona Police Department report.

A UA officer pulled over a car at Fourth Avenue and Drachman Street for an improper turn. The young female driver, who showed signs of intoxication and smelled like liquor, admitted that she had two glasses of wine at a friend's barbecue and claimed she had recently lost weight and wasn't sure how the alcohol would affect her. After a backup officer arrived, the woman failed two field sobriety tests. When asked if her footwear was making it hard to walk straight, she announced that her shoes were from Japan, but that she wasn't.

She then agreed to a breath test, but started singing loudly during the test, which, according to the report, interfered with the accuracy of the device. The woman told officers she was a writer of children's songs and that they had just been treated to one of her compositions.

The woman was taken to the police station so officers could take blood samples to test for alcohol and was eventually jailed.



FEB. 22, 1:10 A.M.

A UA sorority sister had trouble remembering her birthday after drinking multiple shots of vodka at a fraternity house, a UAPD report said.

A UA officer spotted a young female in a black dress crouched in an alley behind Second Street.

When the officer requested the subject's birth date, she said it was "7-27-49," which would have made her 63 year old. Asked again, the woman said only "July 2." Asked once more for her birth date, she added "'93."

When asked how much alcohol she had consumed, she said, simply, "25."

When the officer asked if that was the number of shots she had imbibed, she said "it was not 25" but was unable to pinpoint the amount. Finally, she said she had more than five shots of vodka but fewer than 10. The woman told the officer she couldn't remember how she got a fat lip. The officer surmised from her "very wobbly" stance that it might have been from falling.

The girl was transported to her sorority house and reluctantly signed a citation for underage drinking.

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