Police Dispatch



FEB. 22, 2:18 P.M.

A man said he ran naked through the UA campus to prove his love to his girlfriend, to whom he had just confessed he had cheated on, a UA Police Department report said.

A UAPD officer got a call about a naked male running east on the UA Mall near University Boulevard and Cherry Avenue.

The officer soon saw someone fitting the description of the subject: a young man wearing nothing, but holding clothing he had apparently recently shed so that it covered his genitals.

The officer stopped the subject and commanded that he don the clothing, and the subject complied.

The subject explained to the officer that he'd recently cheated on his girlfriend and was upset because she broke up with him after he told her about it.

"He decided it was a good idea to prove his love (for her) by running from 2800 W. Broadway to about 4000 E. Speedway," the report said. The subject also acknowledged that his decision to do it while naked "was not a good idea because kids would have seen him."

When the officer called the person who reported the subject, he said he had seen the subject's penis but didn't want to be declared a "victim" in the incident or provide further information.

The officer noted that his interaction with the naked male had been captured on video and audio equipment in his patrol vehicle. Photographs were taken of the subject, presumably now clothed, and he was cited for a misdemeanor.



JAN. 22, 5:18 a.m.

Someone broke into a slew of vehicles in the same neighborhood but was apparently rather picky when it came to stealing items from them, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

Deputies were called to investigate a rash of incidents in which cars had windows smashed and their doors and trunks opened. A $60 bottle of Gucci perfume was missing from one vehicle and a pair of expensive speakers had been taken from another, but in most cases nothing was missing.

Deputies were unable to pinpoint a perpetrator, but a neighbor told them a blond woman had been seen cruising the neighborhood and talking on a cellphone, with the headlights of her vehicle turned off.

No arrests were made.

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