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JAN. 30, 4 P.M.

A meth-addled man living with his parents went into a rage before passing out on the couch, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies responded to a mobile home in which the owners' 35-year-old son allegedly had been stomping around and making lots of noise for several hours.

Family members said he "stormed" into his father's room while the father and stepmother were in bed and asked for a gun so he could "take care of things" (implying that there were strangers in the house). He then allegedly punched household objects and even punched himself. He was also reportedly cursing at nonexistent people.

The son's stepmother said he was high on methamphetamine. By the time deputies arrived at the scene, however, the son was prostrate on a sofa.

The son, who refused to speak to the deputies, was taken to jail and booked on suspicion of disorderly conduct and domestic violence.



JAN. 30, 8:06 A.M.

A woman said her "evil" neighbor was murdering her trees by sneaking into her yard at night and plucking the leaves from them, a PCSD report said.

When a deputy arrived at her house, the woman showed him several small trees in 1- to 4-gallon pots. The deputy noted the trees appeared to be in poor condition, with many of their leaves on the ground. Because the recent nights had been cold and the trees weren't covered with blankets or sheets, he suggested they could have been damaged in a freeze. But the woman declared it wasn't Jack Frost who had killed her trees, but "the devil," as she called her neighbor.

Although her home had a security camera, the woman said she hadn't caught her neighbor in the act because she didn't want to waste electricity by leaving it on to monitor plants.

The woman said she wanted the deputy to scare her neighbor into stopping the leaf-pulling and also asked that the neighbor be arrested.

When the deputy went to the neighbor's house, the neighbor seemed surprised at the woman's accusations. The neighbor said there had been ongoing issues with the woman but denied plucking the leaves. No arrests were made.

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