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JAN. 14, 12:37 A.M.

A woman was arrested after officers found she apparently made a habit of sleeping in the lounges of UA dorms, according to a UA Police Department report.

Officers investigating an "unwanted person" call at Manzanita Residence Hall found a woman sleeping on a couch in the dorm's common area. After one of the officers got the woman to sit up and answer questions, she admitted that she wasn't a UA student, but claimed a male student she had met outside the dorm gave her permission to stay there. She said the student left while she slept.

The woman then told officers, "I'm going to leave. I haven't done anything wrong," to which one officer replied, "You don't live here. You aren't free to leave."

A records check showed that the woman had a number of outstanding warrants, including one for being on university property illegally. The check showed that she had been reported hanging out at other dorms at least twice. She also was known for being "anti-police," one report said.

The woman was arrested on suspicion of criminal trespassing and taken to a real bed in jail.



JAN. 14, 2:30 P.M.

A UA student caught telling police a pack of lies—including one that implied he had just gotten laid—was arrested after he admitted stealing an iPhone from another student, a UA police report said.

Two UA officers were dispatched to break up a fight at a dorm. The fight ended before the officers arrived but a male at the scene told them his new iPhone 5 had been stolen by another student involved in the fight.

The accused phone thief told the officers that his accuser had forgotten his phone in the accused thief's dorm room because he "was high on Xanax and people on Xanax tend to forget things."

He said he then decided to sell the phone so he could buy his own iPhone 5. When police asked to see the phone, the student said he had left it a friend's residence.

The officers then found a bag of what appeared to be marijuana in the student's room, which prompted the student to claim it had been "planted."

The officers left, but one returned later and found the student shirtless. The student told the officer he had a girl in the room who wasn't "decent."

Then he admitted that there was no girl in the room. Saying he didn't want to lead the officer on "a wild goose chase," he led the officer to a stone on the dorm patio, under which was the stolen iPhone.

The subject was booked on suspicion of marijuana possession and false reporting to law enforcement (and, presumably, theft).

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