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A woman became enraged when a deputy refused to arrest her father's ex-maid for theft and threatened to hold a one-person sit-in at Sheriff's Department headquarters, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

A deputy met with the elderly father, who reported that his former maid came to his house about 2:30 a.m. that morning and requested a co-payment for a visit to a doctor. The man said she was at his house for about 10 minutes and that he gave her no money and went back to sleep. But when he awoke, he noticed that his wallet—containing his credit cards and about $400—was missing from the bedroom.

The man told the deputy he didn't recall the maid wandering around his house. He said he lived alone, but his daughter visited him monthly.

When the deputy told the daughter about the incident, she immediately became irate and told the deputy to arrest the former maid "now."

When the deputy explained that evidence was necessary in order to charge someone with a crime, the daughter again demanded that the ex-maid be arrested. She said that deputies were "not doing (their) job" and that they "needed to go out and arrest this woman now and stop this."

She ignored the deputy's advice to get a restraining order against the maid and threatened to stage a sit-in in the parking lot of Sheriff's Department headquarters as well as contact the media unless "something was done."

The deputy told her to contact the Sheriff's Department once she had evidence of the ex-maid's guilt.



JAN. 10, 12:30 P.M.

A University of Arizona student standing outside the Student Union and holding a sign that said "Homo Sex is a Sin" claimed he was assaulted, a UA Police Department report said.

The student told officers that while he was holding the sign, he was approached from behind by an unknown male who ripped the sign from his hands and ran off with it.

The student said he chased the sign stealer and managed to retrieve his sign intact. He also told UA police that the man who stole the sign had scissors with him that could have been used to cut up the sign or attack the student. The student said he would pursue criminal charges if the sign thief was found. Police found no witnesses to the incident.

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