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DEC. 19, 9:15 A.M.

A man who apparently loved books but loathed baths took a stand against personal hygiene in a conflict with librarians, according to a University of Arizona Police Department report.

A UA officer reported to the UA's main library in response to an "unwanted person" call. He spoke with the reporting librarian, who told him that staff and library patrons were complaining of a man in the library who smelled bad. The librarian said it wasn't the first time there had been complaints about the man's odor, and that she had spoken to him before "in regards to his poor personal hygiene in violation of the library's code of conduct."

The librarian said she'd asked the malodorous man to leave the library and he refused. The librarian said she had initially told him he was welcome to return to the library later that day if the hygiene issue was addressed.

Apparently, her diplomatic attitude soon disappeared and she decided to let law enforcement deal with him. She told the reporting officer that she wanted the subject barred from the library.

The officer found the smelly man sitting alone (no surprise) in a corner, and he escorted the man outside and obtained his identification card. A records check revealed that the man had six previous encounters with UA police, including an arrest for violating a previous ban from the library. The officer served the man with another order barring him from the library.



DEC. 19, 1:42 P.M.

A dog walker became enraged after he was caught with his female pit bull running loose and barking at people on the UA Mall, according to a UAPD report.

An off-duty UA officer in plainclothes saw a man holding a leash and standing near the pit bull, which had "charged barking at numerous people" before pooping on the lawn near the Integrated Learning Center, the report said.

The officer said that "the male looked as if he was ensuring no one had observed the dog defecate" and then walked away.

When the officer confronted the man, he became extremely agitated, claiming that leash laws didn't apply on university property. The officer cited a law forbidding unleashed dogs on public school grounds as well as a criminal littering law (the "littering" in this case referring to abandoning the dog's feces). The man then got even angrier, yelling that the officer "had no business telling him what he needed to do."

The officer then showed the man proof that he was a police officer, and told the man he could have a uniformed peer come to the scene and cite him. The man then begrudgingly leashed his dog and cleaned up the poop.

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