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DEC. 4, 3:48 A.M.

A man robbed a convenience store of almost $350 in lottery tickets, according to a report by the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

The clerk was smoking outside when a man approached and asked to buy cigarettes. As she walked into the store, she said, the man grabbed the lottery dispenser from the counter and ran off.

The machine contained $345 worth of bingo, crossword and scratcher tickets.

The store reported the tickets stolen and surrendered surveillance footage.



DEC. 5, 12:49 P.M.

A man posing as a woman's cousin duped her out of $550, according to a PCSD report.

The woman said she received a phone call from a blocked number. Upon answering, the man on the other end said, "Guess who this is?" Because the voice sounded familiar, she assumed it was her cousin. He said he was crossing into Tucson from Mexico and would call again the next morning, upon arrival.

When he called the next day, the man said he was in a car accident that severely injured a child. He claimed the "federales" were holding him until he could pay the medical bills. The man asked the woman for $500 to ensure his release.

The woman went to a Walmart and sent a $550 money transfer. The man called again, asking for the confirmation number—and an additional $1,000 to pay for the injured child's surgery.

At this point, the woman felt the man was "not legit" and asked him additional questions. When he could not answer, she hung up.

The deputies were unable to contact the subject, because he called from a restricted number.



DEC. 8, 2:19 A.M.

An intoxicated University of Arizona student tumbled into cacti, according to a report by the UA Police Department.

The officer found the man sitting on a sidewalk near campus. He noticed that in addition to the usual signs of intoxication, tiny cactus spines covered the man's chest and hands.

The man didn't have any identification, but claimed he was 21. He repeatedly refused to sit down at the officer's request.

The officer handcuffed the man because of his noncompliance, intoxication and large size, the report said. Once restrained, the officer verified the man's age, and another officer drove him home.

The responding officer referred the case to the Dean of Students Office, but filed no charges.

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