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NOV. 22, 12:14 P.M.


A midday make-out session in a public park led to a drug paraphernalia citation, according to a report from the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

An anonymous caller reported a couple having sex on the bleachers at the park.

When a deputy arrived at the scene, he found a man and a woman standing near the bleachers.

The woman denied they'd had sex. She told the deputy that she and the man had only been making out and that their clothes remained on the entire time.

The deputy, who recognized the woman from a previous encounter, inquired about her backpack and whether she might have anything illegal inside it.

The deputy searched the backpack and found a purse inside that had a small plastic bag, like those used to store illegal drugs, sticking out of it. The woman said she had just picked up the backpack from an ex-boyfriend's house and didn't know what was inside it.

Upon opening the bag, the deputy found hypodermic needles and a white glass pipe with burn marks and a powdery substance coating it.

The woman acknowledged that it was a drug kit but denied ownership. She claimed her ex-boyfriend was a drug-dealer and must have planted the kit to "fuck me over."

The woman said she had not used meth in a few months. When the deputy cited her for possession of drug paraphernalia, she said, "I figured this would happen."


DEC. 2, 5:44 P.M.


A man was arrested with a blood-alcohol content more than twice the legal limit after he drove his car into a University of Arizona courtyard, according to a UA Police Department report.

A student studying in the Bio Sciences East building reported that a vehicle was driving in the courtyard and "running into things."

An officer found the vehicle, which had fresh scrape marks on the paint, parked on a pedestrian/bicycle path. He also observed tire tracks on the bicycle path, nearby stairs and some low concrete walls. Scrape marks on those matched the color of the vehicle's paint.

When the officer asked the driver if he had been drinking, the driver responded, "Yes. I've been drinking all afternoon."

The man had a flushed face and smelled of intoxicants. He said that his arthritic knees prevented him from performing the "walk and turn" sobriety test.

A breath test showed that the man's blood-alcohol level was well above the 0.08 percent limit. He was taken to the UA police station for more testing and cited for DUI. He also was given a traffic citation.

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