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OCT. 26, 2 A.M.

A pair of intoxicated college students wandering through the ambulance bay at the University of Arizona Medical Center had no idea where they were, according to a report by UA police.

An officer responding to a call from the medical center found security personnel speaking with two males. The officer noticed both men had slurred speech and watery eyes, and smelled like alcohol.

The men surrendered California driver's licenses, which indicated they weren't old enough to drink legally. They said they were UA students and admitted to drinking vodka in their dorm before attending a sorority date dash.

The officer said neither man had any idea where they were or in what direction they were headed.

UA police dropped the students off at a residence hall and referred them to the Dean of Students Office.



OCT. 27, 6 P.M.

An officer caught a man with his fly open after observing him urinating in public, according to a UAPD report.

The officer observed the man urinating near a four-way crosswalk. The officer pulled up with his lights on, and the man attempted to run away, but he was staggering from side to side and stopped after the officer twice asked him to do so. The officer noted that the man was pink-faced and slurred his speech.

The officer asked the man to zip up his shorts and informed him that he was lucky there were no children around. The subject apologized and said something about flushing his system.

The officer cited the man and released him.



OCT. 21, 11:30 P.M.

A woman told deputies that her boyfriend bit her hand during a dispute, according to a report by the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

The woman led deputies to her apartment, where her boyfriend was inside. When deputies asked what happened, the man said that he had no idea what she was talking about. The man reportedly smelled strongly of alcohol and showed several signs of impairment.

The woman said her boyfriend bit her on the cheek and threw her to the ground. Deputies saw no marks or any signs of injury.

When the deputy told the man of his girlfriend's accusations, he said they both had been drinking heavily, but did not fight.

Deputies determined there was no cause to charge either party. The woman left the apartment.

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