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AUG. 14, 9:28 A.M.

A man received emails from a self-proclaimed government agent who threatened him with arrest if he didn't send money, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The man told a deputy he'd been getting emails from a person who identified himself as "FBI Agent Robert Miller" demanding that the man mail him a money order for exactly $98.

The email reportedly included a confusing statement about the money being needed to "claim an inheritance," but it said nothing that was related to FBI business. It did, however, threaten the man with arrest if he didn't pay.

The man told the deputy he'd been receiving similar emails "for quite some time." The last two emails, he said, demanded $400.

The man said he couldn't understand the directions in the email about how to send the money, and that he had "no intention of paying anything to anybody, because he could not afford it."

When advised to block emails from the sender, the man said he would turn the matter over to his wife, "who was good at these things and would take care of it."



AUG. 13, 4:26 A.M.

A man who showed up at a house party got drunk and then got out of control after lifting some weights, a PCSD report said.

Deputies responded to the party location, where seven males were in front of the residence, with one wearing a T-shirt that had "Security" written on it. That person briefly "passed out," then quickly got up, became animated and screamed that he would shoot everyone in the vicinity, the report said.

Partygoers said they weren't sure who had invited the subject, but that he'd quickly become intoxicated and had gone to a weight rack in the house to start lifting barbells "to show off." Then, he reportedly called a woman a bitch and was asked to leave. When he refused, he was escorted out of the house while screaming that he had a gun and would shoot everyone.

A woman at the party reported that the subject "just went insane" and that he'd told party attendees that he'd "(kick all their) asses."

When deputies encountered the subject, he initially resisted contact. But after being threatened with a Taser, he dropped to the ground and was handcuffed. Put into a patrol vehicle, he displayed wild mood swings, banged on the windows, threatened to kill one of his friends and spit at deputies.

He was booked into jail on suspicion of disorderly conduct and eventually calmed down.

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