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JULY 17, 11:08 A.M.

A 13-year-old girl whose mother reportedly denied her some cookies retaliated by climbing onto the roof of her house and then up a tree, prompting her mother to call authorities, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies went to a home in response to an "incorrigible juvenile" call. A woman told a deputy that she had taken her daughter to the dentist that morning, and when they returned home, the daughter wanted to eat some cookies. The mother said she refused, citing the recent visit to the dentist. According to the mother, the girl then ran into the backyard and began jumping on a trampoline. When the mother went outside to confront her, the daughter climbed onto the roof. She came down when the mom yelled at her, but then climbed a tree. When the girl finally climbed down, she reportedly started yelling that she wanted to be left alone.

The girl later told a deputy that "all she wanted to do was just have some time to herself and go for a walk." She didn't mention anything about cookies.

Deputies took no action.



JULY 21, 2 P.M.

A boy known as a troublemaker avoided problems with the law after he was accused of splattering a bloodlike substance on mailboxes, according to a PCSD report.

A deputy interviewed a letter-carrier who reported seeing a brownish-red fluid "with the consistency of blood" on mailboxes in a westside neighborhood.

The deputy asked several youths in the area how the substance might have ended up on the mailboxes, and several of them mentioned a neighborhood boy's name.

The deputy then interviewed the boy, who denied any knowledge of the incident. But when told that the person responsible for it could be arrested, the boy started to squirm. The deputy then said that, in addition to being arrested, the person who did the damage would have to pay for cleaning it up.

At that point, the boy told the deputy, "I can help out with that."

The deputy—who wrote in the report that the blood appeared to be fake—then shook the boy's hand and took him to his mother's house.

The mother told the deputy that her son had been away from the neighborhood most of the morning, and she didn't think he was responsible for the damage "this time."

No charges were filed.

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