Police Dispatch



JUNE 23, 2:32 P.M.

A mailman proceeded with his duties after he was shot three times by someone wielding what looked like a rifle, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

It turned out that the mailman was shot with an Airsoft gun, a replica firearm that shoots plastic pellets instead of bullets, so the injuries weren't life-threatening. The mailman's truck was also hit a couple of times.

The mailman told deputies he had been delivering mail when he saw a man standing on a corner with a weapon in hand. The man then fired several rounds in the mailman's direction. The mailman said he drove his mail truck over to the man, who refused to give him any information. The mailman said he then told the subject, "What the fuck is your name?" but got no reply.

The mailman said he then finished his route on foot. Upon returning to his truck, he found the subject still there. He asked the subject for identification once more, and this time, the subject told him, "Fuck you. You are going too lose your job. ... Your job is mine."

Another deputy caught the subject and took him to jail.



JUNE 23, 10:57 A.M.

A pair of thieves who stole a wallet from a woman's car were likely disappointed when they opened it, according to a PCSD report.

A woman told sheriff's deputies that a female acquaintance had recently told the woman's father that the woman was using drugs. But the woman said that was not true. And when she told the acquaintance so, the acquaintance threatened to go to the woman's workplace and "kick her ass."

The woman told deputies that the acquaintance later appeared at her restaurant job accompanied by a large male. The woman and her manager reportedly persuaded the pair to leave, but when they left the restaurant, the male reached through the woman's partly open car window and grabbed a wallet.

The woman said that as the pair drove away, one of them waved the wallet at her and yelled, "Ha, ha." But it turned out that the joke was on the thieves, because the wallet was a plaything of one of the woman's children. It didn't contain even a dime.

Neither of the pair could be found. Deputies documented the incident.

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