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MAY 31, 2:14 P.M.

A man told deputies he was staring at some train tracks because he had a feeling there was going to be an accident, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Employees at Horizon Moving Systems called deputies to report that a man was loitering on the firm's property, moving between their lot and the nearby train tracks. He reportedly refused to leave.

When deputies arrived, the subject admitted that he had stayed on the property after being told to go, because he was waiting for a train accident on the nearby tracks.

An employee told deputies that the man had been sitting in her unlocked car and had apparently been checking out all of the cars in the parking lot. Another employee said she'd seen the man cutting branches off of trees on the company's property. And a third employee said the man had entered the company's business office and yelled at workers. She said the subject then left, apparently crossing the railroad tracks as the manager locked the door and called 911.

A deputy searched the man's backpack and found a baggie with bank cards issued to a variety of people; a clear, glass pipe that was later found to contain residue from crack cocaine; and a cigarette carton with marijuana inside, according to the report. The backpack also reportedly contained various small rocks; the man said he was collecting them.

The man told deputies he didn't know how the pot had ended up in his backpack, nor did he know how his socks and shoes "got on his feet," the report said. He also said he didn't know how he had gotten to the moving company or why deputies were there.

The man was arrested on suspicion of multiple crimes.



MAY 31, 7:53 A.M.

A PCSD deputy responded to a complaint of a person screaming, yelling and moaning, as if in great distress.

But when the deputy arrived and searched the area, all he found was a small corral holding goats, one of which appeared to be pregnant.

The officer was unable to reach the person who had called in the complaint.

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