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MAY 19, 10:01 P.M.

A young man who told neighbors that the car jack he was carrying around was "the hammer of Thor" had been sleeping with a shotgun and a rifle in a boat on his mother's property, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies spoke to the subject's mother and sister, who said he'd moved in with them about three weeks ago, and had been acting strangely ever since. The mother said she was concerned for her own safety as well as her son's, and suspected that he had been smoking either salvia or Spice, an herbal and chemical mix known as synthetic marijuana.

The mother told deputies she had found a loaded shotgun and an AR-15 assault rifle where he had been sleeping.

The sister said her brother often "went off" on tangents, saying strange things, such as that he was an angel, and his mother was the devil.

One of the subject's friends told deputies that the subject had a habit of hiding out in the desert. The subject had apparently been going to neighbors' houses, armed with a car jack and rambling that the car jack was "the hammer of Thor," and repeating that he was an angel.

Deputies later located the subject among some bushes with a car jack, some sort of green tube and a large wrench. He was cooperative, saying he'd simply gone for a walk and then decided to do some exercises in the desert using the car jack. He insisted that his statements to his neighbors were nothing more than a joke. He said he had called his mother the devil because she had temper problems.

Deputies found a small amount of Spice that belonged to the subject. He was voluntarily admitted to a crisis center.



MAY 18, 3:58 P.M.

A woman who was denied the use of her father's car reacted by smashing the vehicle's windshield with a brick, a PCSD report stated.

A caller—a friend of the subject's daughter—told deputies that the woman had wanted to use the car to drive to the store, but was refused permission because she had been drinking all night.

"Fine—if I cannot use the car, no one can!" she reportedly shouted before chucking a brick at the car. The caller said the woman was last seen walking down the road.

Deputies couldn't locate the subject and told the caller to contact law enforcement again if the woman returned.

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