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MAY 6, 10:24 P.M.

A discussion about premarital sex led to a bloody fight between a drunken mom and her adult daughter, who had just been released from jail, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies were dispatched to the mother's home at a northwest-side trailer park, where the daughter told them her mother and her mother's boyfriend had been discussing sex before marriage. When the mother said she was opposed to it for religious reasons, the daughter said she told her, "Test the goods before you buy them, Mom." The mother—who had been drinking hard alcohol, according to the daughter—became infuriated, and shoved and hit her.

The daughter said she fought back, but was evasive about how much. The mother, who appeared to be extremely intoxicated, was covered in blood, and she had scratches "as if she'd been clawed." The mother, meanwhile, was clutching clumps of hair that matched her daughter's hair, and the daughter's back was covered with dirt, possibly from being knocked to the ground.

When deputies asked the mother what had happened, she replied, "Nothing. ... I'm gonna tell you the God's honest truth. ... I did not get in a fight with my daughter." The report said she repeated the phrase "God's honest truth" over and over.

The mother then said she had picked up her daughter from jail that day, and they'd gotten into an argument. The mother said the blood that covered her came from her punching a window. (The report noted a broken window at the home.) The mother explained her daughter's dirty back by saying she had fallen.

Both women were taken to jail, but the mother was first taken to a hospital for stitches.



MAY 6, 12:29 A.M.

A man called authorities about a thief who was using a baby carriage to haul stolen goods, but the caller clammed up after deputies responded, a PCSD report stated.

Deputies responded to a tip from a caller at a trailer park who said he'd seen a man walking around for hours while pushing a baby carriage. According to the caller, the man was stealing items—including a propane tank—and stashing them in the stroller.

But when deputies arrived, they couldn't locate the alleged thief. When a deputy called the man who phoned in the tip, the man refused to name himself. He said everything was "OK," and that the stroller-pushing thief had left the park five minutes earlier.

Deputies concluded their involvement with the report.

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