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DEC. 30, 9:52 A.M.

Childish graffiti did no lasting damage to a Tucson man's property, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies were dispatched to a northwest-side home, whose owner had reported malicious graffiti spray-painted on his garage door.

By the time deputies reached the incident location, however, the resident had discovered that the medium used for the graffiti wasn't spray paint at all, or even house paint—and that he had been able to remove it easily with Formula 409 cleaner.

The report said the graffiti actually appeared to have been done with some sort of colorful window paint. Deputies watched as the man wiped it clean off the door with some paper towels.

He didn't clean it so fast, though, that deputies weren't able to see what it depicted: In blue paint was apparently written, "Fuck you," as well as some indecipherably scribbled phrases; in red paint, the word "POOP" took a place near what appeared to be a penis drawing.

Deputies scoured the area, finding no perpetrator, and photographed the vandalism for law-enforcement records. The man said he had no idea who would have done it, but all parties seemed to agree it was likely neighborhood kids.



DEC. 31, 6:34 A.M.

An older brother acted much younger in a fight with his sibling after getting drunk, a PCSD report stated.

An anonymous caller reported that there was a male yelling and throwing things in someone's driveway, and "it had been going on for awhile."

Deputies found a man in a dirty T-shirt in a house's driveway, along with a lot of things strewn about him. The subject had apparently suddenly become calm, however, and spoke with a deputy.

Another man on the property told his version of the situation: He lived with his brother (the one in the driveway), who was currently allowing two people to stay on their property—a female sleeping by the fireplace, and a male sleeping in a truck in the driveway. The man told a deputy he'd been sleeping in his room when his brother, apparently drunk, entered and started fighting him, commanding him to kick the guy sleeping in the truck off the property. When the non-driveway individual allegedly refused, saying, "It's your job; you're the older brother," his brother went out into the driveway and started throwing things, apparently to express anger.

The older brother's story appeared to corroborate the younger's; he said it was his own stuff he'd thrown outside.

He was booked on several charges.

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