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NOV. 1, 9:23 P.M.

Unrequited love apparently led to a man's arrest after he pursued his interest too aggressively, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies responded to a call saying a male and female were yelling and hurling garbage at each other in front of a house.

When deputies arrived, one of them found a distressed female at the side of the house. She said the man she'd been arguing with—whom she'd only been "talking" to, and was not dating—had come to her house. Because he reeked of alcohol, she said, she asked him to leave, but he refused.

When she peeked outside, the report said, she saw a car full of her harasser's brothers, one of whom told her that she had his brother "pussy-whupped."

When she again told her harasser to leave her alone, he chased her around. They ended up near garbage cans, and the male started to throw trash.

Deputies found a shirtless man who was breathing heavily and apparently intoxicated. At first, he took a fighting stance and said to one deputy, according to the report: "What up, Holmes?"

He was eventually handcuffed. When deputies prepared to read him his rights, the subject said, "Fool, I don't need those. I'm not under arrest."

He was arrested on suspicion of trespassing and assault, as well as threats and intimidation.



NOV. 4, 10:20 P.M.

A spat between a pair of U.S. Marines led to a broken lawn ornament, a PCSD report said.

After a woman made a domestic-violence report, deputies arrived and found her moderately unresponsive and apparently drunk. After insisting that the deputies wouldn't believe her story, because she is "a Marine, and 'they' never believe her," she told deputies that she and her fiancé had been at P.F. Chang's. After becoming intoxicated, he accused her of "dressing like a whore," flirting with others and possibly sitting in someone's lap. They obtained separate rides home, with the woman arriving first.

After again stating that deputies wouldn't believe her because she was a Marine, the woman told them she locked up the house when she got home, apparently to punish her partner. When he got home, he pounded on the doors while also yelling that he was a Marine, according to the PCSD report.

No arrests were made, and the two eventually calmed down. The only damage noted was to a ceramic-turtle lawn ornament, which the man apparently stepped on while pounding on the windows and doors.

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