Police Dispatch



SEPT. 23, 2:24 P.M.

A confused man threatened arson at a company that makes spacesuits, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

The receptionist at Paragon Space Development, 3481 E. Michigan St., told deputies she'd been working when she saw a disheveled-looking man walking toward the door. The business is normally locked, she said, but she buzzed him in, thinking he might need to call for help or use the bathroom.

She said that he immediately headed for the bathroom without looking at or speaking to her; when she told him to stop, he whirled around and started yelling that he was "upset with this business."

He apparently thought the place was a credit union. In reality, he was at the headquarters of a company designing, manufacturing and selling life-support systems for NASA astronauts, contaminated-water divers and others working in extreme environments.

"This building is going to burn tonight!" he yelled.

The receptionist said she told him to leave, which he soon did. When deputies apprehended the subject, he admitted he'd been at the business, but said "it was all over now, and he just wanted to go on his way." The man was arrested for disorderly conduct.



SEPT. 25, 7:17 A.M.

A man damaged his home, his hands and his friends' property after getting angry, according to a PCSD report.

Deputies were dispatched to an apartment complex on a vandalism call. They found a man near one of the buildings "throwing stuff about," shirtless and covered with blood—especially on his hands and chest. He was handcuffed.

He said his friends had been at his house the night before, and he'd wanted them to leave, so they got into a physical fight. The subject refused to give his friends' names, but did mention that one female was nicknamed "Chukies," and one male was called "Baby Girl."

He said that when his friends started to "bump him around," he pointed a pellet gun at them, while claiming it was a real gun. They then left, but not before the subject punched in windows of two of his guests' cars.

Deputies found the pellet gun in the bathroom of the subject's apartment, as well as a crossbow in his closet. The bedroom door had been kicked in; there was a hole in the kitchen wall; and blood had been "sprayed" on the wall.

The subject admitted to deputies that he had anger-management issues. He was arrested for criminal damage.

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