Police Dispatch



SEPT. 14, 7:12 P.M.

A pair of friends trashed an Italian restaurant when they didn't get their pasta the way they wanted it, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The restaurant manager at Piazza Gavi told deputies that two women had sat down at a table near the bar. They ordered pasta, he said, but when the pasta came, they were very unhappy, because it was topped with marinara sauce—and they preferred Alfredo sauce.

Their waiter told them it would be $4 extra, which made the women very angry. The restaurant owner then came to the table and apologized profusely; however, he told them he couldn't reduce or waive the cost of the Alfredo sauce.

The women started to argue heatedly with the owner. One of the women then picked up her plate and threw it, along with its contents, across the room. She started to throw silverware, while her friend started throwing (and breaking) drinking glasses. When the first woman was out of silverware to throw, she allegedly started swinging her purse back and forth over the top of the restaurant's bar, knocking all its contents to the floor.

The alleged purse-swinger told a deputy that she was angry because she'd ordered fettuccine Alfredo and had been brought pasta marinara. She said she'd felt "bullied" by her waiter. She reportedly smelled strongly of alcohol.

Both women were arrested.



SEPT. 13, 3:15 P.M.

Two men lacking in personal hygiene were transferred from a dirty house to jail, a PCSD report stated.

Deputies responded to an anonymous call reporting that a neighbor was playing on a drum set—loudly and badly—probably not even to practice, but just to make noise.

When deputies arrived, they were met by two men and an overwhelming odor of marijuana. The residence itself was in a disgusting state, with trash covering the floors, clothes piled in the hallway up to a deputy's knees, beer cans littering the rooms and half-eaten food on the floor.

Both men denied playing the drum, but both were arrested for outstanding warrants.

When a deputy found a methamphetamine pipe on the floor of his patrol car after placing one of the subjects inside, he questioned both men about using the drug; both claimed they only smoked marijuana.

A deputy examined one subject's teeth and found them rotting and decayed; when asked if that was due to smoking meth, the subject said no and explained that he just "does not brush his teeth sometimes."

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