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A woman claimed a neighbor was harassing her, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies met with a southside trailer-park resident who said her neighbor had been harassing her—specifically, the neighbor had called Animal Control because she lacked licenses for her dogs. Earlier that day, the woman said, she'd called police about her neighbor's threats toward her dogs.

Then that night, she said, her neighbor drove by her trailer very slowly and pointed her fingers at her, saying, "Pow, pow, pow!" as if "making her hand a gun." The neighbor was a blond female in her 40s.

The woman said nothing occurred after the "pow, pow, pow" scene, and though she was concerned the quarrel with her neighbor might get worse, she wasn't "necessarily" worried about her neighbor actually shooting her.

Deputies couldn't locate the subject, and they talked to the reporting woman about getting a restraining order.


UA AREA, JULY 31, 9:04 P.M.

A woman was hospitalized after taking odd steps to get medical help for her dog, a UA Police Department report stated.

An officer responded to the University Medical Center, 1501 N. Campbell Ave., regarding a report of a woman repeatedly driving around the hospital's driveway while yelling and cursing. The officer found her standing by a pickup near a flagpole with her arms crossed as she yelled something unintelligible.

When asked what she was doing, she looked puzzled and said she was having a bad day. She said she'd come to the hospital looking for a doctor for her dog, as the animal "hasn't shit for days now, which is why his eyes are like they are." The officer told her UMC didn't have veterinarians.

The officer brought water and poured it in a bowl for her dog, at which point the woman screamed, "You brought me urine in a specimen cup to drink?!"

The officer explained it was water for the dog and gave the woman a water bottle for herself, which she guzzled "as though she had not had water in days." After drinking half, she poured the rest all over the officer's shirt, yelling, "You gave me poison, you asshole!"

She vacillated between cooperative and angry, sometimes singing and then abruptly stopping to call the officer an asshole.

When a Southern Arizona Mental Health Corporation team arrived, she reiterated her opinion that the officer was an asshole, saying she "didn't like men at all." During one assessment, she lifted her dress and insisted the clinician look at her thighs.

The woman was taken to Kino hospital.

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