Police Dispatch


South Numo Road, June 28, 12:44 p.m.

A man was arrested for the second time after reacting very badly to a legal drug, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report. 

Sheriff's deputies responded to a "check welfare" call at a property where, less than a week before, deputies had arrested a reportedly violent man who was apparently hallucinating after having ingested "bath salts," described as a legal form of methamphetamine (see "Lawful But Awful," July 14). 

The woman who called the cops said her ex-husband, who apparently lived on the property, had ingested "bath salts" again that morning and had (again) been seeing people who weren't there. She'd found him crouching in some bushes with a golf club he declared he was going to use to "attack invisible people." Earlier that day, she said, he'd refused to eat or drink because he thought the refreshments she'd offered him were poisoned and that she and her mother were working with law enforcement to "capture him."

At one point, she said, he'd taken one of her necklaces and, believing it was a listening device, dunked it in a cup of cola and returned it to her, stating that the electronics in the "device" were now disabled.

The woman said her ex hadn't overtly threatened to harm himself or others; however, he'd stated he thought he should "disappear forever or possibly fall down a mine shaft." 

Upon interview, the subject told deputies "everything was fine." However, he proceeded to say that all day he'd been followed by a man with a walkie-talkie and a tattooed woman in sunglasses. He added that his ex-wife and her mother had "thrown a powder on him." 

Since the subject had made a complete mess of the woman's bedroom and wasn't cooperative about going to a mental-health facility, he was taken to jail.


West Calle Toronja, June 27, 9:11 a.m.

A local couple was surprised by protein decorating their car around breakfast time, according to a PCSD report. 

The reporting deputy met a live-in girlfriend and boyfriend as they were in the process of washing their vehicle with a hose. They stated they had awoken to find their car splattered with eggs; bologna had also been placed on it. Evidence remained in the couple's carport. 

The couple said they suspected a former tenant of theirs who drove a hearse and was probably now living with his mother.

The accused vandal denied he'd done the deed, saying he would never "think that low."

The only person involved who went to jail was the male reportee, who turned out to have one warrant for his arrest.

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