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A panhandler got verbally abusive toward deputies and security officers, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department Report.

Deputies responded to Casas Adobes Plaza, where businesses had complained about a homeless-looking, apparently intoxicated male harassing people for change in the parking lot.

When a deputy approached the subject and asked for identification, he stated, "You want to suck my dick?" to which the deputy replied, "No, not really." The subject then told the deputy to go fuck himself.

The subject then turned his attention toward the plaza security guard, saying, "I'm going to fucking kill you! ... I'm going to kill your family. You're not safe anywhere!" He repeated similar statements over and over again, even as he was being handcuffed and put into a patrol vehicle. He also began to act very violent.

Business owners said that the subject had been aggressively begging customers and passers-by for money, and yelling profanities.

On the way to jail, when told he would be arrested again if he returned to the shopping center, the subject said, "Fucking kill me! Shoot me in the face!" and banged his head on the partition.

After corrections officers were called to help deal with the subject as a "combative arrestee," he "changed his mind" and said he would cooperate—specifically, that he would "be their best friend."

He was booked for loitering, threats and intimidation, and resisting arrest.



A man called the cops after violence against a peer who was engaged in odd behavior, according to a PCSD report.

Dispatchers received a call in which a man said his intoxicated roommate was "going around and unplugging everything" in their residence. A deputy found the reportee running barefoot and shirtless toward an apartment, where the deputy was eventually able to interview him.

The man said he'd been drinking with his roommate all afternoon "shot for shot," and they'd gotten into a fight about the roommate not paying rent.

The roommate reportedly responded that the reportee had no friends, and nobody liked him.

At one point during the argument, the reportee stated, the roommate threatened to call the cops, which scared the reportee, because "whoever is first to call the cops is the one who does not go to jail." It was at that time that the reportee called 911.

Eventually, the reportee admitted he'd pushed—or "nudged"—his roommate. He was arrested for domestic violence/disorderly conduct.

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