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APRIL 22, 1:11 P.M.

A drunk man squared off with sheriff's deputies in the middle of a street after nearly getting run over, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

Deputies responding to a traffic-hazard call encountered a 50-year-old male staggering down the middle of Shannon Road. When the subject saw a deputy, he immediately chucked aside what was later identified as a pint of gin. That deputy saw at least one car swerve to avoid hitting the evidently intoxicated man.

When met by law enforcement, the subject stopped walking and became aggressive, repeating statements such as, "Make your play," and taking on a fighting stance. He also told one deputy he could "draw faster" than him, referring to drawing a .38-caliber handgun. The subject then asked a deputy if that officer had ever been in a psych ward.

The man reportedly went through dramatic mood swings throughout his interaction with law enforcement, sometimes talking in a normal tone of voice, and sometimes yelling belligerently.

Eventually, the subject admitted he was drunk. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.



APRIL 23, 3:06 A.M.

A potentially confused individual disturbed the sleep of a random family, according to a PCSD report.

Dispatch received a call about a strange male knocking on the door and a window of someone's house. When deputies arrived, they found a man standing at the side of the house with his hands in his pockets. He consented to a search, which revealed no illegal items.

Questioned as to why he was at a stranger's residence at such a late hour, the subject said he'd been walking home from Target and got tired, so he thought he'd knock on the door of the house and request a ride from the people inside. The deputy asked the man if he thought that was a reasonable action, considering it was 3 a.m.; the subject said he felt it was.

The owner of the house said that when the subject had first knocked on his door, he'd asked for a musician at the residence. Informed that there was no musician living there, the subject allegedly replied, "OK, sorry for the inconvenience," and walked away. However, the homeowner said, a few moments later, he heard the subject knocking on his bedroom window as his wife slept.

The subject acted calm throughout his arrest for disorderly conduct, but did repeatedly ask for the arresting deputy's name and badge number, suggesting he thought his arrest was unreasonable.

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