Police Dispatch

A Different Kind of Downer

Police Dispatch
A Different Kind of Downer
Foothills Beat

Oct. 7, 11:05 p.m.

A good-natured guy who seemed high on uppers was busted for carrying a downer-filled syringe, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

A sheriff's deputy responded to a late-night suspicious-person call from a closed northside store, where someone said a man had been in their rear parking lot banging on windows. He'd reportedly just left, walking up a main street toward an emergency veterinary clinic while "flailing his arms and yelling, possibly on drugs."

The officer pulled up in front of the vet clinic, where the subject started walking toward him "in a jerky motion" with "his arms ... kind of flailing side to side" and his muscles tense, having trouble standing still, "moving his jaw (and head) around a lot," and exhibiting many other symptoms making the deputy believe he was on methamphetamine. The man held an uncapped syringe in his flailing hand as if it were "to be used as a weapon" against him.

But the subject instantly dropped it upon command and greeted the cop verbally, becoming "friendly"—even as the officer was handcuffing him for detainment and eyeing the syringe, which contained a brown liquid.

The man cooperatively sat on the ground and readily admitted he'd been roaming around the area businesses, then producing an "excited utterance" that the syringe contained heroin but denying he'd used any of it ... "yet."

Since the reporting officer found no other contraband on the subject and had no way to test the syringe's contents on scene, he unhandcuffed the fired-up fellow and cited him for drug-paraphernalia possession before letting him walk away.

A Sweet Ride

UA Area

Sept. 26, 2:47 a.m.

Someone stole a golf cart and took it for a joyride around the University of Arizona campus, abandoning it after a crash without leaving a single clue regarding their identity... other than an empty bag of Reese's Pieces candy, stated a UA Police Department report.

UA officers responded to the Women's Plaza of Honor near Centennial Hall, 1020 E. University Blvd., where two passers-by had found the golf cart—with a shattered windshield and many other damaged parts—having been crashed into a tree, now partially uprooted.

Officers later learned the cart belonged to the UA School of Music, and the place it had been stolen from showed no signs of forced entry.

At the time of the report, investigators had found no fingerprints or other leads, simply trying to deter interference at the scene of the crash using police tape to surround the partially-in-pieces plunderage. The Reese's Pieces wrapper was locked away as evidence.

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