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Because He Got High

Man smoking
Man smoking
Because He Got High North Highland Avenue

Aug 28, 7:43 p.m.

A University of Arizona student who'd been smoking a lot of weed was, well, basically just too high

A UA officer responded to the Villa del Puente dormitory, 575 N. Highland Ave., where the resident assistant had alerted them of a male in the common room "who'd been smoking weed...and was yelling at females."

The reportee said a female resident had come to him saying the subject had "scared her" and was "high and was behaving weird and had strange ideations." When he contacted the subject himself, he said, the male admitted to partaking of marijuana "all day" and "taking pictures every second of his day with his cell phone." (It was unclear what this last admission had to do with the female's complaint.)

The subject cooperatively submitted to an in-depth sit-down interview with the officer but, the officer noted, he was not only unable to sit still, but "he was not able to keep a conversation," since "his thoughts and words were random in nature and were completely off topic at times."

At one point during the interview, the subject pulled out his cell phone and showed him photos on it—at first just "random pictures" and then a photo of UAPD officers who'd already spoken with him that morning, presumably also regarding his odd behavior and/or his suspected marijuana use. (The report didn't say whether the photo had evidently been taken in a clandestine manner or whether the cops had been aware of the phone in their faces.)

Asked whether he'd been to classes that day, the subject said no, saying "he was too fucken tired."

In an attempt at some kind of explanation, he added simply that "he was having a weird couple of days and he was trying to adjust to his new surroundings"—apparently this was the first month of his first year at the university.

Grilled specifically on his recent drug use, the subject wouldn't or couldn't go into details regarding the amount of marijuana he'd smoked or for how long he'd been smoking it, but he added that he'd previously "dropped acid...an d...acid never leaves his body." He readily agreed that the reporting officer's "concern about his cognitive mental state" was appropriate.

The young man was willingly handcuffed and transported to the Crisis Response Center for evaluation and treatment, where staff said they'd contact his parents to let them know what was going on, and "an FYI (about the incident) was forwarded to the Dean of Students."■

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