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His Patience Is Growing Even Thinner

His Patience Is Growing Even Thinner

Foothills Area

July 6, 8:35 a.m.

A man was so tired of a skinny, parking-lot-squatting, Jesus-loving methhead roaming his apartment complex that he offered his home up for an all-out undercover surveillance operation, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

A sheriff's deputy met up with the reportee at his northwest-side apartment complex, where he complained of a very thin, bald, 20-something Caucasian man in a black shirt reading "I LOVE JESUS" hanging out in the parking lot and smoking something out of a glass pipe in plain view of the public. He said the man—largely based out of a silver SUV parked in the lot—was "wandering around the complex, last seen walking into another complex," and "he does this a lot."

The reportee said he often can't sleep at night and goes outside on his patio and sees "a lot of activity" around the silver vehicle that he believes is drug-related. Often, he says, as soon as one of his neighbors pulls out of his spot, this silver car suddenly drives up and parks there, and then a bunch of "tweakers" start appearing.

Once, he said, a thin blonde girl from the group slept in the silver vehicle for two hours. He also saw a curly-haired young man "smoking something" next to the car. The reportee said he "100 percent believes there is drug activity going on here." He said "normally he would not get involved" with something like this, but the activity is increasing, and increasingly bothering him, so he'd "do whatever it takes"—including letting an undercover officer do a stakeout inside his apartment—to stop the parking-lot meth party.

At the time of the report, deputies were unable to make contact with the thin bald man allegedly at the center of the action. The reporting officer said he'd forward all the information he'd gathered to another unit to see if any undercover surveillance could be conducted.

Don't Play Ball in the Store

West River Road

July 5, 2:50 a.m.

An older employee at a respectable foothills-area convenience store was not amused by a crew of boys using his place of business as a mini-gymnasium for a late-night game of catch (using his merchandise as balls), a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

The 65-year-old clerk told a sheriff's deputy that after 2 a.m., a few young males burst into his store, grabbed various food items off for sale, and started tossing them to each other over the shelves. After telling at them to stop and being ignored for awhile, in dismay he finally yelled that he was going to call the cops—at which point the boys all immediately dropped the items and left the store as suddenly as they'd entered.

With no concrete leads on the subjects, the reporting officer couldn't do much other than tell the clerk to tell the boys they were banned from that store if they ever returned. ■

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