Police Dispatch



JAN. 27, 2 P.M.

A young man who was acting strangely was nearly run over by a car, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

A Green Valley man told deputies that he and his wife had been driving down their street when a neighbor suddenly jumped in front of their vehicle, causing them to swerve and screech to a halt. The driver allegedly asked the neighbor what he was doing, to which the neighbor simply replied, "Shut the fuck up," and walked back into his own house.

The driver mentioned that law enforcement had visited the neighborhood last year for an exposure incident involving the same neighbor.

When contacted, the young male subject immediately told deputies, "OK, I did it; I didn't mean it," referring to either jumping in front of the vehicle or cussing at the driver. Deputies reported he had some kind of strange residue on his mustache, and his eyes were glazed over.

A bit later, the subject tried to explain why he'd jumped in front of his neighbors' vehicle: "I did not know who they were, and I thought they were going to take me away, so I stopped them."

In his bedroom, deputies found two marijuana pipes, a large quantity of ashes, many marijuana seeds and two long marijuana buds. The subject admitted that he'd smoked marijuana that day, and asked if they would "let it slide"; deputies told him they couldn't do that. When arrested for the drugs and paraphernalia, the subject said, "This is no big deal," and he acted "excited."

He was told to have no future contact with the reporting neighbors.



FEB. 11, 12:11 A.M.

Some cautious college students tried to conceal their carousing by blocking their dorm's peephole—on the wrong side of the door, according to a University of Arizona Police Department report.

Two officers were dispatched to a report of a large group of students drinking alcohol inside a room of the Coronado Residence Hall, 822 E. Fifth St. Hearing numerous voices—and what sounded like a party—the officers knocked. From behind the door, they heard a male voice say, "Move the gum from the peephole."

Confused, the officers replied that there was no gum on the door. After they heard the reply, "Move whatever is in front of the door," they proceeded to remove a red balloon that they saw taped over the peephole.

Inside the room were eight subjects, all younger than 21, surrounded by a large quantity of Keystone Light beer cans.

The subjects were cited for underage drinking.

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