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JAN. 23, 12:15 A.M.

An apparent methamphetamine user engaged in some disruptively strange domestic behavior, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

Dispatch received a domestic-violence call reporting that someone's father—high on meth—was hitting himself. He was also described as screaming, breaking things, rolling around in broken glass, hallucinating, wielding a bottle of bug killer and trying to mop the floor.

Deputies arrived at the trailer where the subject lived and were able to handcuff him, despite much struggling on his part. He didn't talk, but constantly grunted loudly and tried to kick arresting deputies. When placed against the front of their patrol vehicle, he tried to lift the hood off.

The subject's daughter said he'd been engaging in strange behavior for the last couple of weeks, such as drinking dish soap, eating "strange things" and putting soap in his coffee.

The subject's wife said he'd been acting "weird, weirder than usual," and hadn't left the residence for about two days. That night when she got home, she said, he'd been wandering around talking to himself and took a shower with his clothes on. He then allegedly grabbed a bottle of insect poison and poured it all over dishes and in the trash can while accusing his wife of poisoning him.

She said he then went into the living room and began breaking numerous items, including glass containers and pots with plants in them. He proceeded to get on the ground and roll around in the broken glass, ceramic shards and dirt from the broken plant pots. After rolling for a while, she said, he tried to mop up the mess.

Deputies eventually got the subject into an ambulance and transported him to Kino Hospital. En route, he reportedly continued to grunt, flail and kick. He was also foaming at the mouth, one deputy reported.



JAN. 26, 3:54 P.M.

A man apparently experienced erectile dysfunction during public masturbation, according to a University of Arizona Police Department report.

A woman told officers she'd parked her car in a lot at First Street and Vine Avenue. When walking past the exit, she said, she saw a 40-something, 250-pound white male in a red pickup truck with the driver's-side door ajar. After hearing him clear his throat, she reportedly looked up to see him moving his hand up and down his penis while smiling at her. However, she described his penis as "flaccid."

She said she yelled, "You're disgusting!" and quickly walked away. She heard the male laughing and looked back to see him driving away. UA officers couldn't locate the subject.

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