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Kids These Days…?!

UA Area

May 8, 5:18 p.m.

A University of Arizona professor was rather bizarrely unbothered when near the end of the semester (coincidentally or not), he received an extremely unpleasant email from a student who hadn't even tried to conceal their identity, a UA Police Department report stated.

Speaking to a UA officer by phone, the professor read the email aloud:

"You're a shitty person and nobody gives two fucks about you. ... Obviously (you) suck. Fuck you for making this class so hard."

It had been sent about two hours previous to the call.

The professor, seeming completely unruffled, told the officer "he never had any issues" with this student before, and since the note contained no threats, he "just wanted the email documented." He had no desire to meet any police officer in person or discuss the incident further.

The reporting officer thus completed an "FYI for the Dean of Students" and closed the case. ■

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