Police Dispatch

Chipped Off

East Second Street

April 16, 7:46 a.m.

A food vendor at the University of Arizona got hit by a hungry (but possibly picky) nighttime prowler who took hundreds of dollars worth of chips and other junk food, a UAPD report stated.

A UA officer responded to a ramada in the courtyard of the Richard A. Harvill Building, 1103 E. Second St., where the owner a food-service business called Not Jus Doggs LLC had reported an overnight burglary of the food stand she operated there.

The perp had stolen one thing you'd expect—the contents of the stand's cash register, about $175. But much more costly to the victim was the fact that they'd also broken into the food cabinets and drink refrigerator to steal a majority of the food stand's inventory. All in all, Not Jus Doggs was missing about $200 worth of bagged chips and other snack items, plus cans and bottles of soda and other drinks. (And the four heavy-duty padlocks that were broken to access all this weren't cheap either.)

The thief must've been a professional, considering not a single fingerprint or other identifying clue was found anywhere at or near the food stand.

The reportee said someone had also recently attempted to break into another of her stands, outside the Modern Languages Building, but they apparently hadn't really wanted any of the food there, since they hadn't broken a single lock. The owner didn't mention whether that stand offered different eats.

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