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NOV. 24, 7:04 P.M.

A woman called law enforcement about an issue stemming from her own shady dealings, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

The caller told deputies that a drunk neighbor had been knocking on her window and telling her that she owed him money. She said he also demanded that she "service him orally, in a sexual manner." She said she took it as a threat when he told her that he would come back and talk to her husband and "let him know what's going on."

The intoxicated neighbor denied threatening the woman or saying anything sexual; he said he just wanted to retrieve the $20 she owed him. She was supposed to buy speed for him, but never had, he said.

He said the woman punched him, explaining the blood on his cheek.

When confronted, the woman retracted her earlier story, admitting that she had taken $20 from the subject to buy speed for him, although she hadn't actually planned on buying the speed—instead, she was going to keep the money to "teach him a lesson." She said she'd lied earlier because she didn't want deputies to know she was an "ex-druggie" and had taken money from a "drug dealer."

The neighbor said he "used to" do speed but implied he'd quit a few days ago. He admitted having an alcohol problem. Nobody was arrested.



NOV. 27, 1:43 P.M.

A young teenager threw a fit, threatened suicide and nearly assaulted sheriff's deputies after he failed to receive a new video game, a PCSD report stated.

When deputies arrived at the home, they heard a crash and observed the boy, approximately 13 years old, near a broken ceramic bowl. The boy clenched his fists, threatened to hit deputies and screamed that they were "motherfuckers" and "bitches" as they handcuffed him.

The subject's father told deputies that when he and his son stopped at a store, he said, the boy became possessive about his skateboard, becoming enraged and allegedly screaming, "Don't touch my skateboard!" He then hit his father on the arm with the skateboard.

After being taken home, the boy allegedly started stabbing the counter and furniture with a butcher knife, later holding it to his throat and saying, "I'm going to fucking kill myself."

The boy said he didn't really want to kill himself and that his parents had been "pissing him off" for two days, because they wouldn't get him a video game.

He was transported to Northwest Medical Center.

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