Police Dispatch

Hot-Tub Abduction

Oro Valley

Jan. 25, 2:28 p.m.

Nobody knows how someone—or something—mysteriously managed to make off with an enormous hot tub sitting in a man's front yard overnight, according to an Oro Valley Police Department report.

The man told a police officer that while his home was being renovated, a large brown hot tub had been placed in his front yard for later installation. That morning, he said, he'd arrived on the property to find it missing. He said none of the workers or construction companies involved with work on his home had moved the hot tub, which he described as a "South Seas 735L DX Special" valued at $7,750. He'd also already called his local waste-removal service, he said, to make sure no one had removed it, thinking it some kind of (very large) piece of detritus.

The man said the sauna was "so heavy that it would have needed to be lifted by a crane or similar heavy machinery."

The case had to be closed due to lack of information on a suspect.

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