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NOV. 16, 2:09 P.M.

Parents of a special-needs student cited a street-gang affiliation while allegedly confronting bullies at a school-bus stop, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

Piecing together stories from several witnesses, deputies learned that 13 students from PPEP Tec High School had gotten into an altercation at a bus stop with one student's parents. The father allegedly threw gang signs and told one 16-year-old he was going to "get his homies."

One student said the father was "talking crap"; another student said the father warned students of a violent attack, saying they were "marked." The man also allegedly threatened one student for wearing blue, spit on at least one student and declared he'd just been released from prison.

Meanwhile, the mother reportedly called students "bitches" and said it was "time for killing someone."

When confronted later about the incident, the mother told deputies she and her husband had been defending their son from students who were being mean to him because he was autistic. She claimed no knowledge of her husband throwing gang signs during the altercation; however, she said he did spit on a student, but only after being spit on first. Her son denied being in a gang himself.

Nobody was arrested.



NOV. 16, 9:52 P.M.

A man with marijuana in his possession casually asked for it back after being arrested, according to a PCSD report.

A northwest-side resident reported a suspicious gold Cadillac parked on his street—with people inside listening to music and perhaps smoking marijuana.

A deputy drove to the location in an unmarked vehicle and approached the car, which contained five people.

When asked whether he had any marijuana, the person in the driver's seat said no, and that he and his friends were just "hanging out in the car." When backup deputies arrived, however, one of them smelled marijuana smoke and questioned the subject about the matter again.

This time, the subject said that he didn't have any marijuana joints on him, but he did have "this"—and then he pulled a bag of marijuana out of his right pants pocket.

When questioned, the subject said he knew that marijuana was illegal—but then he asked if the reporting deputy was ever going to let him have his marijuana back. When told no, he said he wished the deputy would give him the marijuana back so he could smoke it.

The subject was cited for possession of marijuana. The deputy placed the confiscated marijuana into evidence.

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