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Nov. 7, 8:36 a.m.

A woman believed her dog's caretaker had stolen tons of expensive clothing and accessories, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report said.

A sheriff's deputy met with the victim at her home, where she lived with her recently adopted dog Annie. She said that because Annie had seemed nervous in her previous house while the woman was preparing to move to her current condo, she'd hired someone from an adult-care service to help out, mainly to watch the dog and keep her company (though the caretaker was meant to be for humans).

Since she'd hired the woman, she said, many of her clothes had disappeared: at least 53 clothing items worth about $2,000, including a $200 embroidered skirt and a special dog-print sweater she used to wear to the dog park with Annie. One time, she said, she'd also been robbed of a slew of groceries on a day the caretaker was over.

She said even after she moved to her new condo—and had fired the caretaker—between 24 and 28 more clothing items and "trinkets" had gone missing. She'd recently gotten additional security measures to keep the caretaker out of her new place.

The suspect hadn't been located at the time of the report.■

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