Police Dispatch

Dog-Walking on Eggshells

West Garnette St.

November 5, 8:03 a.m.

Some longstanding hostility between neighbors culminated one chilly morning during a heated exchange (mostly of the f-word) regarding a dog's urination spot, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report said.

The dog's owner called a sheriff's deputy to his northside home, where the officer saw he had "some type of lump" on his lip. He said he'd been walking his dog that morning; when it stopped to relieve itself near the curb, a woman emerged from the nearest house and said, "Go let your fuckin' dog pee somewhere else," to which he replied, "Go fuck yourself." She disappeared to be replaced by a male who told him to "man up" before reportedly hitting his face three times and walking away. The victim affirmed he'd experienced ongoing animosity with the couple in this house. (The reason was unclear.)

The deputy told the man it'd probably be advisable just "not to walk down that street anymore" and went to the house to talk with the female occupant. She readily agreed to give her side of the story, which included a different version of dialog featuring the same prominent obscenity.

She said she'd been in the kitchen when she noticed the reportee out front, noting he "always caused problems with his little dog, (which) was always peeing in her area." She reportedly went outside and asked him politely, "Can you keep walking?" as his dog began peeing on her garbage can. He responded, "Shut the fuck up," she said she would not "shut the fuck up" and he yelled, "Go back in her fuckin' house!"—which she did, in order to "fake like she was going to call the police."

Before she knew it, she said, her boyfriend—who often stayed with her—had already gone outside and returned, declaring he just "hit the man in the street."

She said the boyfriend had left and she couldn't contact him because "he just couch-hopped and did not live anywhere specifically." She agreed to have him call the PCSD ASAP, though no call had been made at the time of the report.

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