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San Xavier Beat Nov. 10, 10:24 p.m.

After a night of screaming at cars in the middle of an intersection, frightening neighborhood residents and directly antagonizing police, an intoxicated man still couldn't understand why anyone would want to arrest him, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report said.

A southwest-side resident called dispatch regarding "a man who was very drunk in the front yard...yelling and screaming...and asking for a Sheriff." She said when she and her boyfriend were unloading their vehicle after a grocery-store trip, this man—who had red hair and all-black clothing—tried to engage them in their driveway.

A deputy arrived to find the man still there, "stumbling and swaying" as he tried to run toward the officer—and simultaneously telling the cop to "back off" (and breathing alcohol fumes into his face).

Asked what was happening, the man "tried to tell a story about a girl who had walked up to his friend's house...while a pizza delivery was being made." He evidently wanted to report this girl to law enforcement for some reason, but he quickly became too distracted to explain further, obsessed with demanding that the cop stay still.

When backup deputies arrived, the man yelled obscenities at them while dodging around as if they were "trying to...assault him." Whenever they moved their hands or began speaking, he'd yell "not to do that again"—before threateningly daring them "to do it again." He then stumbled away from them and into the street in front of numerous cars.

One deputy entered the house to interview the reportee, who said she and her boyfriend had first seen the subject standing in the middle of a four-way intersection near their house, waving his arms as if trying to stop traffic and "yelling at the top of his lungs" at the cars—many of which had to drive into the opposite lane to avoid hitting him—while also crying out for someone to help him (apparently regarding the girl in his pizza-delivery story).

The reportee said after she and her partner had also steered around the man and pulled up to their house, he followed them, rambling about the mysterious girl and irate that nobody had stopped while he'd been gesticulating and swearing in the street. He told the couple "he was going to punch someone in the face...and knock things over" and "used the F-word multiple times." Finally, said the reportee, they fled inside. She affirmed that he'd indeed disturbed her peace.

The red-headed, black-clad man struggled mightily against officers while being handcuffed, repeatedly asking why on earth he was being arrested—before purposefully kicking his feet out and falling to the pavement, scraping his own head. He was finally forced into a patrol car and, ultimately, a jail cell. Methamphetamine was found in his sock.

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