Police Dispatch



AUG. 20, 7:23 A.M.

A woman verbally abused the people who tried to help her, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

Two females said a woman wearing only a bra and panties had pounded on their door early that morning; she was yelling about needing help.

Deputies met with the subject, now wearing a nightgown offered to her by the reporting women. She said she had been fighting with her live-in girlfriend and had walked more than a mile (barefoot) to the reportees' apartment complex for help.

When a female deputy inquired about possible injuries, the subject became belligerent, saying it was "none of (her) fucking business" and that the deputy should "quit pretending like she cared about her." When the deputy called medical personnel, the woman called her "a fucking bitch" and told her she "was not getting enough coochie" because she was ugly, and that was why she was being a "be-atch."

The subject—possibly drunk or high—later retracted her statement that she'd been fighting with her girlfriend. She then yelled at the reportees—who were talking to a deputy nearby—to shut up and stop looking at her. She called them "fucking fat bitches" and continued to yell through the patrol-vehicle window after she was arrested for disturbing the peace.

The subject's roommate said she had not seen the subject since the previous day when she left home for her exotic-dancing job.



AUG. 27, 1:06 A.M.

An intoxicated UA student yelled her way into arrest, according to a UA Police Department report.

A UA officer was called to the Kaibab-Huachuca Residence Hall to assist another officer who was talking to two underage female students who had been at a frat party. One admitted having two drinks before the party and cooperatively submitted to tests.

The other girl—despite emitting a smell of intoxicants—insisted she "didn't touch" alcohol, because she had previously gotten into trouble for underage drinking.

When told she would be cited for underage drinking, she got very angry. She yelled that she thought her dorm was a place where she could be safe, and now that she knew it wasn't, she "would rather stay at the frat house and get raped."

After she started to walk away, she was handcuffed, and started screaming, "Fuck off; fuck you, motherfuckers!"

Placed in the back of a patrol car, she violently thrashed around, yelling, "What's the big fucking deal?! I drank!"

Officers decided to take her to jail. Her friend was cited and released.

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