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AUG. 18, 7:17 A.M.

A controversial politician was subjected to some harsh yet odd name-calling on her own campaign signs, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

A deputy was dispatched to the corner of La Cañada Drive and Overton Road in response to a vandalism call. The deputy saw a red campaign sign for Gov. Jan Brewer that had been altered with black paint so that instead of reading "Brewer," it read "Satan's whore."

Using the phone number on the sign, the deputy attempted to reach staff members at Gov. Brewer's campaign office, with no luck. He then decided to turn the sign around so that "Satan's whore" would not be visible to passing traffic. He also taped a large piece of cardboard over "Satan's whore."

Dispatch soon told the deputy that several other campaign signs around town had been vandalized in the same way.

There were no reported witnesses.



AUG. 17, 11 P.M.

A father's attempt at discipline turned into a physical fight with his son, a PCSD report stated.

Deputies received a domestic-violence call from the father, who claimed that his 16-year-old son had been arguing with him and had lunged at him. The father was apparently "not sure how to spell his son's name."

In the background of the call, a female was heard asking the father if he was "seriously going to have another beer."

Deputies interviewed the caller at his house, where he stated that he had just moved back in with his wife after a six-month separation and was bothered that the kids had "run wild" in the residence. He had told his son not to use a certain laptop, he said, at which point the younger man "puffed up" as if to provoke his father. The young man then allegedly shoved the father, and the two got into a wrestling match. The father also head-butted the son; at this point, the father declared, the head-butting was neither a disciplinary measure nor self-defense, but occurred simply because his son had "aggravated the hell out of him."

The son's sister said she did not know the cause of the fight, but that the father had been saying, "Come on, big guy, come on and hit me," repeatedly during the incident.

The son sustained no visible injuries from the head-butting itself and denied starting the altercation. He said his father had recently been drinking a lot after a long period of sobriety.

The father was arrested for head-butting his son.

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