Police Dispatch

Stop Mething With Him!

North Cherry Avenue

Sept. 19, 9:10 p.m.

A man on meth was arrested after following around a random young man on the University of Arizona campus, screaming at him (as well as at other figures, both alive and inanimate), a UA Police Department report stated.

A little after 9 p.m., a UA officer responded to the intersection of North Cherry Avenue and East Fourth Street regarding a suspicious person said to be "acting unusually, yelling at people and a statue."

The reportee said this individual—a 30-something man wearing bright red sweatpants—had started following him, first trailing him eastbound and staying on his tail when he turned south. He said the man was also shouting curse words at him.

The officer quickly found the male still in the area, now walking 20 or 30 feet behind a young male later proven to be the reportee. The sweatpants-clad man was "shouting and gesturing in front of him"—apparently at the reportee (who was trying to ignore it all and escape him).

When the officer approached the subject, directing him to sit on the curb, he complied and was cooperative in answering questions (although their conversation must've been pretty rough since, the officer said, throughout their contact he "kept shouting incoherent statements and making quick, almost involuntary movements").

The subject initially claimed he was just trying to talk to his "friend," referring to the reportee. He then said he was "just walking through the area" and was homeless. When asked if he were allowed on campus, he replied, "I don't think so." It turned out he indeed had an exclusionary order from all UA property, which he said he'd forgotten about.

In the man's pocket, the officer found a glass pipe of "the type ... often used to smoke narcotics such as methamphetamine." The subject admitted to smoking meth earlier that day.

Since there wasn't enough residue in the pipe for field-testing, he was booked in jail only for possession of drug paraphernalia (in addition to trespassing).