Police Dispatch



JULY 20, 7:52 A.M.

A wheelchair-bound man harassed hospital staff members and evacuated his bowels in the street, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

A deputy met two security guards near an entrance to the Northwest Medical Center, 6200 N. La Cholla Blvd. They were with an agitated man in a wheelchair. One guard said he had seen the individual, who had no left leg, sitting in the road with his pants off "taking a shit."

A guard said the subject had recently been discharged for being disorderly. The guard said that as he tried to approach the man in the street, the subject yelled, "Do not be walking up on me, motherfucker; I can do whatever I want; I can take a shit right here!"

The report did not specify whether the subject was arrested.



JULY 22, 10:57 P.M.

A pizza-delivery woman got an unpleasant surprise at a customer's door, a PCSD report stated.

The woman said she was delivering for Domino's when a shirtless man opened the door. Then, she said, another male—completely naked except for some kind of turban—approached to hand him money for the delivery. He stood there for a while, she said, then walked away slowly. The other man then asked if she would come inside; she declined. She told deputies she was offended by the man's "rear end."

The subject explained that he had just taken a shower and claimed he didn't know the delivery woman was there. However, he eventually became embarrassed and said he and the other man had been engaged in sexual role-playing.

He asked that an apology be delivered to the delivery woman.



JULY 21, 3:29 P.M.

The father of an applicant to the UA College of Public Health made threats following his son's rejection, a UAPD report stated.

A UA officer spoke with the assistant dean of the college; applicants had recently been notified whether they had been accepted. The reportee said she received numerous angry phone calls from the father of an applicant who had been rejected. He allegedly said she was "going to pay," and that he would "tan her hide."

When the officer called the parent, the man began to rant about unfairness. Eventually, a female took the phone and said the father had a right to free speech, and it was "not right to harass an old man."

The father was advised not to call the college again.

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