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JULY 13, 3:20 P.M.

A man caused a disturbance at a restaurant over an appetizer, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

An employee at a northwest-side Mexican restaurant reported that two men—both perhaps on drugs—had left without paying for their food. One man, the reportee said, ordered nachos and two glasses of water. When he requested guacamole, and she told him that it would cost extra, he got very aggressive and upset, screaming, "You fucking talking to me?" After asking to see a menu, he yelled, "I do not think I like what I see. I do not like this fucking food."

The reportee added that a nice-looking old couple was sitting next to the men during these outbursts (which was awkward).

After the reportee told both men to leave, the aggressive man became increasingly obnoxious and started saying nonsensical things, like, "I am a gangster. I am invisible." Finally, he left.

He did not pay for the nachos he had already started eating, which were valued at $6.37.

Deputies found both subjects at a bus stop near the restaurant and arrested the man who had made a scene. He explained that he had been angry because a worker at the Mexican restaurant had called him a "wetback."

Both men appeared to be extremely intoxicated.



JULY 17, 11 A.M.

A snake was stolen from its captor and possibly got loose at an apartment complex, a PCSD report stated.

The manager of a northside apartment complex reported that she had a little yellow and black snake in a terrarium on her porch. She had recently caught the snake to show to her boys, and she was planning to release it back into the wild.

The night before the report, however, the snake went missing, even though the lid to the terrarium was apparently secure. She believed that a young man in the apartment complex had stolen the snake, especially in light of reports that local youth had been vandalizing residents' vehicles, and at least one boy had peeked directly into someone's window while wearing a skull mask.

Deputies met with one boy in the complex who had been playing with the snake the night before. He admitted that he brought it into his room, but said he did not steal the snake and did not know where it was. It was "just a snake to him," he said. He implied that perhaps one of his friends had stolen it.

The boy was advised to choose his friends more wisely and was told that the snake investigation would be ongoing.

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