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JULY 5, 2:43 A.M.

A confused and intoxicated young woman went to jail after a disturbance at a hospital, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies responded to a verbal-domestic-violence call at Northwest Medical Center, 6200 N. La Cholla Blvd., and met with a female being held by hospital security. She was screaming, waving her arms and clenching her fists.

She was able to give her name; however, when asked her date of birth, after a long pause, she started crying and yelled that the situation was "not fair." She then gave the number "03." Asked if she could remember any more numbers, she became infuriated, saying, "That's not cool," and, "I can remember my birthday!"

After talking with the subject's mother, deputies discovered that she had taken her daughter to the hospital because the daughter was extremely intoxicated and acting mentally unstable. However, the hospital would not admit her, because she was being too disruptive. She had also broken a window on her mother's vehicle.

After a long attempt at pacifying the subject, deputies determined that she would not soon calm down. The subject repeatedly called deputies "mean" and "asshole(s)." She also screamed at her mother, telling deputies that her mother was difficult to live with. The mother also began to scream.

When deputies began to handcuff the subject, however, she suddenly wanted her mother, screaming, "Mommy! Mommy!"

Throughout the ride to jail, she made nonsensical statements, such as that the only reason the arresting deputy was taking her in was because he would get paid extra for doing so. She also said she was afraid she would die in jail, because she "didn't have any buttons."



JULY 5, 12:43 P.M.

A northwest-side couple tried an odd—but nearly successful—plan to catch an unknown vandal, a PCSD report stated.

The female reported that her Monte Carlo had been vandalized in her driveway. She and her husband decided to "bait" the vandal by putting up a dragonfly driveway ornament and getting security cameras to film anyone who might take it. (It was not explained why the vandal might want to steal an ornament.)

However, the ruse apparently worked, because one night immediately after the dragonfly was displayed, the security cameras filmed a male stealing it.

Unfortunately, the couple had forgotten to turn on spotlights, so the surveillance video offered no good image of the subject.

The couple said they had several other dragonfly ornaments to use as bait, and would keep trying.

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