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MAY 12, 5:31 P.M.

A group-home resident attacked a staff member after getting upset about a meal, a Pima County Sheriff's Department stated.

Deputies were dispatched in reference to an assault at the group home, where a woman who worked there reported that a female resident didn't want to eat Mexican food—she wanted yogurt for dinner—so she slapped the staffer and pulled her hair "very hard." It was reportedly the second recent assault on a staff member.

The alleged attacker had marks on her arm; asked how she got them, the subject said, "Slapped him right in the face," while pointing to the woman whose hair she had pulled. (Though the subject readily identified the staffer by her female first name, she consistently referred to her as a man.) Her repeated explanation for the Mexican-food incident was that she did not like people "in her face," so she "slapped him right in the face."

She went on to say that she had $50 in the home's safe, and the caregivers had stolen it. They didn't want to feed her, she said, because all her money was gone.

She also "rambled quite a bit" about how the people at the home were trying to kill her. Several clients had been drowned at the facility, she said, and the caretakers were "quite good at" drowning people.

The subject was cited and released.



MAY 12, 3:36 P.M.

An identity thief made a female look like a loose woman online, according to a PCSD report.

The reportee said that her ex-husband's girlfriend often harasses her by phone and blames her every time the girlfriend gets in an argument with the ex-husband. The girlfriend was always trying to "make her life a living hell," the reportee said.

One day, she said, a friend alerted her to a Web page on a site purporting to be a self-posted profile of the reportee. The profile boasted the reportee's nickname and photo, and proclaimed that she was a "skank." (Apparently, it did not occur to the profile-poster that the reportee would not likely refer to herself in that manner.)

The profile included the reportee's contact information and requested that anyone interested "in a good time" bring drugs and sex toys to her house.

The reportee said that since the profile had been posted, she had received numerous unwanted e-mails and phone calls from unknown males, with messages such as, "Hey, do you want to hook up?" and, "Do you want to have a good time?"

The reportee found the profile to be embarrassing and did not want to provide many more details.

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