Police Dispatch

We Hate You! Please Don't Move Away!

Oro Valley

August 7, 2:46 p.m.

A north-side homeowner suspected her neighbors of vandalizing her yard—but despite the vandalism being off-putting, its very nature seemed bent on keeping her around, not repelling her, an Oro Valley Police Department report said.

The woman gave her vandalism complaint to an OVPD officer by phone, telling him her home was for sale and accordingly had a "FOR SALE" sign posted in the front yard. But someone kept pulling it up out of the ground and knocking it over, she said.

This had happened several times, with the vandal always throwing the sign back in her yard rather than stealing it (and without damaging it)—so the real-estate agent simply had to keep re-installing it in the ground.

She told the officer she knew of numerous other homes for sale in her neighborhood and wondered whether their owners were experiencing similar problems, but he said nobody had reported any type of vandalism since the beginning of the year.

The case was closed pending further evidence.

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