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APRIL 20, 4:51 P.M.

A middle-age runner was arrested after refusing to allow a school track meet to interfere with his after-work running schedule, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Two deputies reported to Esperero Canyon Middle School, 5801 N. Sabino Canyon Road, where the school softball coach stated that a colorfully dressed man with glasses was running around the track while a track meet was in progress; the man refused to leave when asked. One parent felt the man was a hazard to the students, because he was running right in front of them.

A deputy found the subject in the school's parking lot (apparently after he had finished his run). The subject looked surprised, as if he did not know why he was being stopped, and then said, "Wow, it must be a slow night if you guys are coming out for this." He was arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct.

En route to jail, the arresting deputy asked him, "Didn't you see children in uniforms and guns going off and kids running around the track?" The man replied that he had been running on the track after work for a year now, and he apparently saw no reason to discontinue this ritual simply because a track meet was going on.

Asked if he thought it was "kind of funny" that parents were cheering on kids while he was running alongside them, the subject said no, he did not think it odd at all. He denied that anyone asked him to leave the school property, but alleged that one school staff member had called him a "prick."



APRIL 20, 1 P.M.

A boy was stabbed with an unusual weapon after insulting a peer, a PCSD report stated.

A deputy responded to La Cima Middle School, 5600 N. La Cañada Drive, where the day before, a female student had stabbed another student with an umbrella toothpick, the kind used as a garnish for a cocktail.

The victim stated that he had been "razzing" a female student during the lunch period and admitted calling her a "whore." She then called him a "man-whore," he said. After that, out of nowhere, he said, he heard a female voice yelling and saw another girl come at him and stab him with an umbrella toothpick. The 1.5-inch-long object was embedded in his arm; he had to go to urgent care to have it extracted.

The attacker admitted to the stabbing; she said she did it because the boy was being "mean" to her friend.

It was not known where she got the umbrella toothpick.

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